CEAS fall semester will include Korea conference, return of live events

Fall semester 2021 programming for the Center for East Asian Studies will include a conference on U.S.-Korea, the return of in-person talks, and an array of lectures on topics related to East Asia, from Ming Dynasty flower painting to the police in modern Japan.

Live speaking engagements, which went on hold in March 2020 due to the COVID19 pandemic, are planned to resume Sept. 30 with a morning talk by Representative Bi-Khim Hsiao, Taiwan’s envoy to the U.S. She will be one of four in-person speakers scheduled to give on-campus talks this fall. However, the center will also hold several on-line programs, starting with the three-part “South Korea – U.S. Alliance In Focus,” scheduled for Sept. 23 – Oct 6. The center will also be partnering with the Wisconsin Book Festival to offer a book talk by Te-ping Chen on her latest short story collection, “Land of Big Numbers,” which was recently selected as one of the 11 on former President Barack Obama’s summer reading list.

Center events can be found on this website’s Events Page, and through the Center’s Facebook Events Page.

Here is a list of the fall semester lineup:

South Korea-U.S. Alliance in Focus online conference

  • Webinar 1 = Thursday, Sept 23 at 11 am. Plans, Not Predictions: The US and Inter-Korean Relations
  • Webinar 2 = Tuesday, Sept 28 at 7 p.m. Beyond Nuclear Weapons: Conventional Challenges to the South Korea-US Alliance
  • Webinar 3 = Wednesday, Oct 6 at 6 p.m. South Korean Foreign Policy Innovation: The New Southern Policy and Beyond

10:30 a.m. in-person event, Thu Sep 30 @ Law School 2260.  “America, Taiwan and Peace in the Indo-Pacific.” Lecture by Bi-Khim Hsiao, the Representative of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the United States, and the first female to hold the position of Taiwan’s de facto ambassador to the U.S.

12 noon webinar Tue Oct 5. (Zoom passcode: IRC, Meeting ID: 931 4418 7392) “A China Shock or a Multinational Shock? A Reappraisal of the China Shock in Trade by Lizhi Liu, Georgetown.

7 p.m. webinar, Thu Oct 7. “Exploring the phenomenon of ‘Versailles’ bragging on Chinese social media,” by Xinren Chen, Nanjing University.

7 p.m. webinar, Mon Oct 11. CEAS partnering with the Wisconsin Book Festival for a public lecture by author Te-Ping Chen on her new collection of short stories set in China, Land of Big Numbers.

4 p.m. in person event, Wed Oct 13 @ 206 Ingraham. “Social Reproductions in Mao-Era China: How Rural Women’s Handloom Weaving (and Child-Rearing, Pig-Raising, Firewood-Gathering, Food-Scavenging, etc.) Subsidized Socialist Industrialization” by Jacob Eyferth, Chicago.

4 p.m. in person event, Mon Oct 18 @ Elvehjem Building, Room L140.  “Garden as Cosmos: The Transformation of Flower and Plant Painting in Late Ming Dynasty China,” by Katie Ryor, Carleton College.

4 p.m. in person event, Tue Oct 26 @206 Ingraham.  CEAS “What Are You Working On?” lecture. New Digital Research Methods for Chinese History by Joseph Dennis, UW-Madison, History.

4 p.m. webinar. Tue Nov 2. “Rethinking the Police in Modern Japan,” by Max Ward, Middlebury.

4 p.m. webinar, Tue Nov 9. Transporting Jade in China: Objects, Ecology, and Local Bureaucracy in Qing Xinjiang,” by Yulian Wu, Michigan State.

4 p.m. webinar, Tue Nov 16. Lecture on media activism in China by Guobin Yang, Annenberg School of communication, University of Pennsylvania.