Certificate and PhD Minor

The Center for East Asian Studies offers both an undergraduate certificate and a PhD minor in East Asian Studies. Undergraduates wishing to major in East Asian Studies should contact the department of Asian Languages and Cultures.

Undergraduate Certificate

The undergraduate certificate in East Asian studies is available to students working toward a baccalaureate degree in any of the University of Wisconsin–Madison schools and colleges, and to special students. This certificate meets the needs of students choosing to focus on the East Asian region (China, Korea, Japan, and Tibet) within their primary major. Students select coursework reflecting their interests from myriad classes offered through many university departments, and can work toward a variety of undergraduate majors. Upon earning the certificate, this emphasis is noted on the student’s transcript. The certificate is of value to students wishing to demonstrate their knowledge of the East Asian region either to potential employers or to graduate schools.

Basic Requirements

  • 21 total credits of eligible courses representing at least three SUBJECTs (i.e. history, Political Science, Anthropology)
  • “E A STDS/​ASIAN/​HISTORY/​POLI SCI  255: Introduction to East Asian Civilizations” is required for the certificate
  • 9 credits taken above the 300 level
  • No more than 12 credits of East Asian languages may apply

Please see UW’s Guide for a complete explanation of the certificate requirements and eligible courses. Please see the course list for CEAS courses offered next semester.

PhD Minor

Students who are candidates for the Ph.D. degree in another department or program may obtain an interdisciplinary minor in East Asian studies by earning a minimum of 12 credits in East Asian area studies. The credits must be earned in at least three departments other than the major department.

Basic Requirements

Interdisciplinary courses may be taken from many departments. Courses must contain a minimum of 25 percent East Asian content. UW–Madison Graduate School regulations concerning the use of courses required for the student’s major as part of the minor are to be observed when selecting courses. Because the instructors and contents of a course may change over time, please consult East Asian studies for confirmation on whether a course may count for a doctoral minor.

Please see UW’s Guide for a complete explanation of the certificate requirements and eligible courses.