CEAS Professional Series

The CEAS Professional series is a high impact lecture series that brings to campus individuals who do significant work in East Asian studies, but who do so outside of the context of a university. This series highlights authors, journalists, policymakers, film-makers, etc. who have made serious contributions to our understanding of current issues in East Asia and connecting East Asia and the United States.

Upcoming Events

Re-Thinking the U.S. Approach to China in a Time of Crisis with Kaiser Kuo

On April 4th, 2023, CEAS will welcome Kaiser Kuo, host of the Sinica podcast, to be the third speaker in the CEAS Professional Series.

In a time when we are barreling headlong toward crisis with China, it’s more urgent than ever that we inform ourselves and make wise decisions. But since most of us can’t be “China experts,” who should we be listening to, and how do we evaluate their claims? In this talk, Kaiser Kuo, host of the long-running Sinica Podcast, offers a guide to the habits of mind exhibited by good China analysts and the signposts to watch for to avoid the bad ones.