CEAS 2020 Undergraduate Paper Winners

The Center for East Asian Studies was one of eight area studies centers participating in the second annual Area and International Studies Undergraduate Paper Award. Contest entries were all papers submitted to fulfill a UW-Madison course or thesis requirement during the 2019-2020 academic year (Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 terms), and addressed issues related to East Asia.

The 2020 winners for the CEAS competition are as follows:

Top Prize:

  • Lena Simon, for “21st Century Resistance: The Role of Technology in the Hong Kong Protests in 2014, 2019, and Beyond.” Written for HIST 600, Global History of Nonviolence, taught by Mou Banerjee.

Two Second Place Awards:

  • Samuel Brown, for “Daoist Revival and Environmentalism in Post-Mao China.” Written for HIST 600, Global Religious Revivals of the 1970s, taught by  Aaron Rock-Singer.
  • Beth Allen, for “Mirrored: The Panpan as a Reflection of the Occupation.” Written for HIST 201, taught by Louise Young.

Three Honorable Mention Awards:

  • Lydia Chen, for “Youth in Chinese classrooms-A Coming of Age Journey Reflection.” Written for Ed Policy Studies 140, taught by Christine Gates.
  • Anitha Quintin, for “Trauma, Memory, and the 2020 Summer Olympic.” Written for Geography 340, taught by Kris Olds.
  • Vivienne Wooldridge, for “Baijiu Abroad: A Possibility or a Pipe Dream?” Written for EA Studies 255, taught by Anatoly Detwyler.

Join CEAS in congratulating these students!