Apply by Feb 10 for funding to study Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Tibetan

Want tuition funding to study an East Asian language?

Apply for a FLAS!

The Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) is now accepting applications for Summer 2020 and Academic Year 2020-21 FLAS Fellowships.

Application deadline is Monday, February 10, 2020.

FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies) fellowships are funded by the U.S. Department of Education and administered by the Center for East Asian Studies to assist graduate and undergraduate students in acquiring foreign language and international studies competencies. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Applications by students in professional fields are encouraged. Preference will be given to applicants with a high level of academic ability and with previous language training.


CEAS offers FLAS scholarships in the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Tibetan.

Fellowships and awards

For academic year fellows, Undergraduates receive up to $10,000 towards tuition; graduate students receive up to $18,000.  Summer FLAS fellows, both grad students & undergrads, receive up to $5,000 towards the tuition and fees of their approved summer program. FLAS recipients also receive stipends of varying amounts to cover their living expenses.


Please contact the FLAS coordinator for CEAS, Laurie Dennis, at

To learn more about the FLAS program at UW-Madison, visit the information page.


Here’s what some of our recent CEAS award winners had to say about their FLAS:

“Without the award, I would not have had the opportunity to study abroad and enhance my language skills at such a rapid pace.”  – 2018-19 Academic Year Chinese language undergraduate

“FLAS goes way beyond your semester or year of study and truly opens doors for many opportunities that you may have never expected to find. Through receiving FLAS, I was able not only to work on my language skills, but also was given the opportunity to really take a step back and think about what it was I wanted to do with this path of study.” – summer 2020 Korean language undergraduate

“The FLAS award was crucial to my advancement in language study. Without it I would not have been able to immerse myself in China or make as effective connections in academia once I was in China. It set me up for success!”– 2018-19 Academic Year Chinese language graduate student

“Because the FLAS is so flexible, I was able to select a program that fit my language learning needs at the time of the award. I selected a program that offers advanced language training and also works to help students develop their professional skills in a linguistic and culturally-appropriate manner (for instance, I received training on how to reach out to other academics pursuing research in my field).” – summer 2020 Japanese language graduate student

“The FLAS award I received gave me relevant experience to both of my majors, Chinese and Political Science, leading to me working at Senator Tammy Baldwin’s office in DC as a foreign policy-focused intern after my Beijing program. I graduate in May and am looking forward to using the Chinese skills I gained abroad in whatever career path I take, whether it’s diplomatic or politics-related.” – 2018-19 Academic Year Chinese language undergraduate

“Applying to FLAS only requires a simple application, but can provide worlds of difference toward the progress of your language study.” – 2018-19 Academic Year Japanese language graduate student