East Asia in the Upper Midwest: The Unending Korean War

22-23 June 2020 | Madison, Wisconsin

What is East Asia in the Upper Midwest

East Asia in the Upper Midwest is an annual conference designed to provide professional development opportunities for social studies teachers across Wisconsin (and beyond) who are interested in integrating East Asia into their classrooms and to exploring the connections between East Asia and the Upper Midwest. This conference is organized by the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Center for East Asian Studies and funded by a Title VI Grant from the US Department of Education.

This year the focus of East Asia in the Upper Midwest will be the unending Korean War. June 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War—a conflict which has never formally ended. The underlying issues that led to the war have never been resolved, the Korean peninsula remains divided, and tensions between North Korea and the international community make the Korean peninsula a potential flashpoint for future conflicts.

This conference will look at the origins of the Korean War, how the war impacted American society during the Cold War, and why the war remains relevant today.

Who Should Apply

Secondary social studies teachers interested in integrating Korean issues into their classrooms

How to Apply

Use the “apply now” link below to fill out an online application form. Space is limited to 25 teachers. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Apply Now

What is the cost of participation?

  • $35 (covers program costs and meals during the conference)


  • $150 stipend for all teachers who attend all sessions and deliver publishable lesson plans on the Korean War to CEAS by December 2020
  • $100 stipend to defray the costs of travel to/from Madison
  • Federal funding allows CEAS to provide lodging for up to 15 CEAS Scholar Teachers. To be eligible to be a CEAS Scholar Teacher you must be located more than 50 miles from Madison. Preference will be given to teachers from rural areas or under-served districts.

What should I expect at East Asia in the Upper Midwest?

  • Presentations from content experts on the Korean War
  • A curricular guide written for high school teachers on the topic
  • Pedagogical sessions led by mentor teachers
  • Opportunities to network with other teachers interested in East Asia
  • A session on films about the Korean War 
  • Time for reflection, sharing ideas, planning, and curricular design