Kristine Nguyen

Credentials: Chinese FLAS; Undergraduate, International Studies

As of right now, I am still exploring my career options, but I am interested in working for the U.S. State Department and/or doing translation work. The U.S. State Department interests me because they provide a wide range of careers while simultaneously bridging Sino-American relations, which is a big goal of mine. Besides this, I find translation work to be very interesting and it would help me continuously improve my language skills even after my time at UW.

The FLAS award helped my progress in my language study because with the award, I was able to study abroad at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan for a semester. During my time abroad, I was submerged in the environment of my language, and because of this, I was able to practice my Chinese skills daily outside of the classroom setting, in addition to learning about the country’s culture. Without the award, I would not have had the opportunity to study abroad and enhance my language skills at such a rapid pace.

To any student interested in applying for FLAS, do it!! It is a such a beneficial award and there is no harm in applying! It is truly a wonderful opportunity and so many things can be achieved with FLAS!