Allison Garbacz

Credentials: Korean FLAS; Undergraduate, Linguistics

Because of FLAS, I was able to continue my study of Korean language throughout the summer, which I believe to be vital in my learning of the language. Being a member of UW-Madison’s Korean Flagship Program, this constant studying is essential for me to reach my goals in the language and eventually embark on the Flagship’s capstone year in Korea. Not only did receiving FLAS allow me to take an intensive language course, it also gave me the opportunity to experience Korean culture and daily life first-hand. Being able to immerse myself in Korean culture contributed greatly to my progress in the language, and I would not have been able to experience such an opportunity had I not received the FLAS award.

FLAS does not simply end after you have received the congratulatory letter. FLAS goes way beyond your semester or year of study and truly opens doors for many opportunities that you may have never expected to find. Through receiving FLAS, I was able not only to work on my language skills, but also was given the opportunity to really take a step back and think about what it was I wanted to do with this path of study. I would encourage all who are interested in applying for FLAS to go for it, as you will receive so much support and meet many wonderful people who will hopefully help you to discover your passions.