Korean War Teaching Initiative


This year the focus of East Asia in the Upper Midwest will be the Korean War. June 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War—a conflict which has never formally ended. The underlying issues that led to the war have never been resolved, the Korean peninsula remains divided, and tensions between North Korea and the international community make the Korean peninsula a potential flashpoint for future conflicts.

Image of a solider comforting another during the Korean War
Haktong-ni area, Korea. August 28, 1950. Sfc. Al Chang.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s East Asia in the Upper Midwest will take place in a modified virtual format that can be completed asynchronously. Instead of a traditional conference, CEAS will be inviting teachers to participate in an online teaching initiative designed to provide them with materials, resources, and support to integrate lessons on the Korean War into their classrooms.

Who Should Apply

Secondary social studies teachers interested in integrating Korean issues into their classrooms.

How to Apply

Use the “apply now” link below to fill out an online application form. Space is limited to 25 teachers. Applications will be recieved until 24 July and will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Apply Now


  • $200 stipend for all teachers who participate in all sessions and deliver publishable lesson plans on the Korean War to CEAS by September 2020;
  • $200 worth of Korean War-related materials (books, maps, DVDs, etc) delivered to your home;
  • Opportunities to interact with Korean War experts and to have your questions answered in both synchronous and asynchronous sessions.


  • $25 (covers program and administrative costs)



Teachers will receive Korean War-related materials, including a curricular guide, to their home address.

31 July

Teachers submit three Korean War content related questions to CEAS to be addressed by experts.

3-21 August

CEAS will organize 3 Zoom sessions with different scholars of Korean history and of the Korean War to answer teachers’ submitted questions. Teachers are encouraged to participate in these Zoom sessions, but participation is not required. These sessions will be archived on CEAS’ website and can be viewed later.

18 September

Deadline for teachers to submit their Korean War-related lesson plans. Lesson plans should be prepared according to a template CEAS will provide and should reference Wisconsin (or appropriate) state standards.