Winnie Chan: Matsudaira Scholarship Recipient

“The US and Japan have enjoyed a deep, enduring friendship that has withstood the vagaries of time and now stands as a cornerstone of both countries’ foreign policies. Learning about JASC, I was excited to be a part of its tradition of intercultural relationship-building – and what an experience it’s been! Living, eating, and conversing with the other American and Japanese delegates for three intense weeks was a crash course in cultural immersion that far exceeded my initial expectations of what a conference would be like; years later, I can still fondly recall the many late-night discussions I had with others where we not only learned from one another, but also had a ball of a time. I daresay I made lifelong friends there. By the end of the program, I had also cultivated a tender appreciation of and profound respect for the Japanese people and their ways.

“In retrospect, JASC was a really good opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and develop as a person. Lexington, Va., was an especially fun stop on the conference because it was there that I found my usually shy self being a back-up dancer in a talent show and speaking as part of a panel! I would really recommend anyone interested in any aspect of Japan to apply for it, and be rewarded by how much they find out, both about others and themselves.”

– Winnie Chan, 2018 Recipient

Winnie is second from the left; photo taken in Washington DC.
Winnie is in the second row.