Amelia Stastney: Matsudaira Scholarship Recipient

“I would highly recommend the JASC program to all UW students, irregardless of whether they have a pre-existing interest in Japan.  This longstanding program covers many interests, majors and areas of study.  In my year, the conference participants were split into the following groups —  ‘Culture, Media and Soft Power: Examining U.S.- Japan Relations,’ ‘Health and Exercise: Modern Fitness Trends and Their Effect on Physical and Mental Health,’ ‘Nationalism and Globalism: Shifting Paradigm in the Modern Era,’ ‘U.S.-Japan Relations in the Context of East Asia: Change and Continuity in the 21st Century,’ ‘Diversity: Dissecting Human Rights Concerns,’ ‘Environment and Technology: Ecological and Technical Solutions to a Sustainable Society,’ and ‘Responsible Approaches to Population Issues: Evolving Law, Technology, and Ethics.’  The focuses change ever year, but the areas are always wide ranging.  This program, more than any other, has molded my own interests and career aspirations.  I am incredibly grateful that UW-Madison and the Ichiro & Toyoko Matsudaira Memorial Fund Scholarship provided me with the opportunity.”

– Amelia Stastney, 2019 Recipient