Yang Luo, “The Development of Chinese Calligraphy: A Cultural Evaluation”

Photo of Yang Luo 罗杨 lecture poster


The Development of Chinese Calligraphy: A Cultural Evaluation


Noted Chinese calligrapher and professor Yang Luo 罗杨 of Shanghai University offered a brief demonstration of the four main styles of Chinese calligraphy and a lecture on how this ancient form of writing has evolved into both a visual art and a modern form of communication. Prof. Luo, a Beijing native, has long been engaged at the national level to organize, manage, and research Chinese folk culture and art, including calligraphy, paper cutting, and “thangka” Buddhist painting techniques.


Yang Luo 罗杨 is a Professor at Shanghai University. He has lectured about calligraphy and culture on China’s national CCTV painting channel and published widely in popular media about calligraphy theory. Professor Luo has participated in national calligraphy exhibitions and held solo shows at the China National Art Gallery, Imperial City Museum of Art, and more.