Interactional Rituals in Chinese


Interactional Rituals in Chinese


The Center for East Asian Studies Lecture Series speaker Dániel Z. Kádár offered a virtual talk on politeness and other cultural rituals from the perspective of linguistics. UW-Madison Chinese linguistics professor Weihua Zhu served as moderator.


Prof. Kádár, who has authored books and articles on politeness in East Asia, is the director of the Center for Pragmatics Research of Dalian University of Foreign Languages, and chair of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Momentum Interactional Ritual Research Group. His major research interests include contrasting, cross-cultural and intercultural pragmatics, historical pragmatics, linguistic politeness research, interactional rituals, East Asian studies (with focus on Chinese and Japanese), and language aggression.


A recording of the event is available through the CEAS YouTube channel.