2019-2020 East Asia Now Series

From security to trade to popular culture, contemporary events in East Asia create ripples felt around the world, including Wisconsin. East Asia Now is a traveling forum that brings together scholars, policymakers, business people, and community leaders from around the state to discuss the impact of East Asian current events on Wisconsin. Each year CEAS selects a relevant topic and holds 2-3 East Asia Now forums around the state.

This page is an archive of our 2019-2020 East Asia Now series.

East Asia Now is the Wisconsin Idea in action!

2019-2020 Topic: China and Wisconsin Agriculture

How are trade tensions with China impacting Wisconsin’s agricultural economy? What do higher tariffs mean for Wisconsin producers? Who wins and who loses as a result of these policies? This year East Asia Now will explore this topic with economists, producers, political scientists and policymakers in cities and towns across Wisconsin. Our inaugural event was held in Wausau, Wisconsin on 18 June. Please check our upcoming events page and join our mailing list to be informed of future events.


U.S.-China Trade Tensions: What’s next for Central Wisconsin’s Agriculture, 18 June 2019, Wausau, Wisconsin

Struggles in Wisconsin Farm Country: the trade war, weather, and workforce issues, 17 October 2019, Platteville, Wisconsin

U.S. – China Trade Discussion, 24 January 2020, Wausau, Wisconsin

COVID-19, Trade Tensions, Turbulent Markets — Trouble for Wisconsin Ag, 11 June 2020, Virtual Event

Poster of East Asia Now Event

Connecting East Asia and Wisconsin!