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Historian Shelly Chan is the current director of the Center for East Asian Studies.


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Stanford historian Thomas Mullaney will offer the Hilldale Lecture in the Arts & Humanities on how languages like Chinese and Japanese have adapted to modern media technologies. The lecture by be held on Nov 15, 4:30 p.m., at the Pyle Center:

"Asymmetries in Global Information and Language Technology, 1800 to the Present"




Past Events :


2017 Roundtables on the North Korea Crisis

UW faculty panels held Sept. 22, Oct. 8 and Dec. 4 at various locations.


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The Center for East Asian Studies at UW-Madison

The Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) is the focal point connecting East Asia to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. CEAS is dedicated to all aspects of research, education and outreach related to China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Mongolia.

CEAS encourages and supports the cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary study of East Asia. Our center helps to coordinate the community for the study of East Asia on campus, across the UW system, and throughout the state of Wisconsin. Finally, we work to disseminate knowledge about East Asia to better the education and cultural literacy of UW students as well as the general public.


Author of "The Chinese Typewriter" to give Hilldale Lecture

Stanford Historian Thomas Mullaney, author of the award-winning The Chinese Typewriter: A History (MIT Press, 2017), will offer the Hilldale Lecture in the Arts & Humanities on Thursday, Nov. 15, 4:30 p.m. at the Pyle Center, 702 Langdon Street, Asymmetries in Global Information and Language Technology, 1800 to the Present.” 

Prof. Mullaney will also be on campus to join the Center for the Humanities two-day workshop, Little Technologies/Big Histories. The workshop will conclude Friday with a public book panel discussion, noon in the University Club, about Mullaney's book, which examines the history of Chinese information technologies by focusing on the development of the Chinese typewriter. The workshop panel will feature: Chinese literature professor Anatoly Detwyler (UW–Madison, Asian Languages), journalism professor Greg Downey (UW–Madison, Journalism/Mass Comm), Chinese literature PhD Lu Liu (UW–Madison, Asian Languages) and the author.

In describing his Hilldale lecture content, Mullaney explained that "one could never simply 'install' an Arabic typewriter, or 'turn on' a Chinese word processor. Each required engineers, language reformers, and everyday practitioners to engage in long, often anxiety-ridden, and always asymmetric engagements with Latin alphabet-centric technologies, with the result often being the dramatic transformations of the Non-Western script in question (but, quite often, often with the subtle transformation of the technology as well)." Prof. Mullaney will argue that it is time the historiography, archives, and theorization of “information” reflects this history, its global dimensions, and the asymmetries that continue to be embedded therein.


CEAS events funding call released

The Center for East Asian Studies is now accepting proposals for invited lectures, workshops, and conference events that will occur through August 15, 2019. In line with its mission of supporting East Asia-related scholarly exchanges across campus, CEAS welcomes proposals from a wide range of fields, including the social sciences, business, education, law, policy, the sciences, agriculture, and humanities. In evaluating proposals, CEAS will give priority to diversity of regional representation. Interdisciplinary and trans-departmental proposals are especially welcome. Events that aim to engage audiences beyond the university community will receive special consideration.

The event topic must primarily focus on East Asia. At least one applicant per proposal must be a CEAS affiliate (or be willing to become one). Graduate students may apply with the support of a faculty sponsor.

Please submit your event proposal by Friday, November 30th. Proposals should be submitted through the Qualtrix online platform by clicking on this link: CEAS Event Funding Application. The CEAS Event Committee will carefully review and approve proposed events. Notification of event support will be issued no later than December 15th.


CEAS among 8 UW centers awarded Dept of Education grant

- New call issued for academic year FLAS fellowships -

The Center for East Asian Studies was among the eight area and international studies centers at UW-Madison to receive federal "Title VI" grants for the 2018-19 academic year under the National Resource Centers (NRC) and Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships programs, administered by the U.S. Department of Education. Click here to read the full story.



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