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March 2010 CEAS Newsletter


Byung-Jin Lim wins L&S Early Career Award

    Byung-Jin Lim

    The L&S Academic Staff Professional Development Committee has chosen Byung-Jin Lim for the L&S Early Career Award. The award recognizes individuals who demonstrate outstanding performance in their position, show substantial promise of future contributions, and demonstrate a high degree of professionalism. Congratulations, B.J.!


What CEAS Faculty are Reading: Steve Ridgely

    Steve Ridgely

    “One book I'm reading right now is Tom Lamarre's long-awaited book on anime called The Anime Machine: A Media Theory of Animation (University of Minnesota Press, 2009). I've read some earlier article versions of a few of the chapters, but it's great to have his work consolidated into one volume. It's theoretically sophisticated, but still really accessible, and I'm planning to use large chunks of it in a new Anime course next year (E ASIAN 378 / LIT TRANS 232, Spring 2011). This course will be a new version of the one I've taught as a FIG (First Year Interest Group) and as a graduate seminar, now targeted at a broader audience and paired with Professor Adam Kern's fall Manga course (E ASIAN 376 / LIT TRANS 231). Keep an eye on the EALL website for an upcoming video trailer about these courses.

    Another book I've been slowly making my way through is Julie Stephens' Anti-Disciplinary Protest: Sixties Radicalism and Postmodernism (Cambridge University Press, 1998). Teasing out the connection between counterculture and the modernism-postmodernism shift is something I've spent a lot of time thinking about in the case of Japan, so this book (focusing on US and UK radicalism) is right up my alley. It might make its way onto the syllabus for a graduate seminar next semester (Fall 2010) I'm doing on the topic of "Japanese Counterculture" (E ASIAN 763).”


CEAS Student Profile: Will Buck

    Will Buck

    Will Buck is a graduating senior double majoring in East Asian Studies and Computer Science. The two majors seem to be quite different from each other, but for Will, they work well together. As a freshman, Will participated in the Anime and Postmodern Japan First Year Interest Group (FIG) in which he took Anime and Postmodern Japan taught by Steve Ridgely (see above), and Elementary Japanese. Since Elementary Japanese was for fewer credits than First Semester Japanese, Will was able to sample an introductory Computer Science course which sparked his interest in computer programming and game design.

    Some of Will’s favorite East Asian Studies courses have been Adam Kern’s Manga and Haiku Poetry classes, Japanese Culture and Civilizations with Steve Ridgely, and East Asian Murder Fiction taught by Richard Miller. From those classes, Will was not only able to learn about East Asian history and culture, but was able to apply much of his studies to his game design interests. In regard to the anime and manga courses, he “found the visual culture aspect to be engaging.” Will applies the design theories of pictures he learned to designing games with appealing graphics and visuals.

    “Games offer a vast realm of possibilities and applications in an interactive space we haven’t yet fully tapped.”

    Will is graduating at the end of the semester and is now applying to several programs and internships, including Teach for America and an internship with Last Straw Games. In the long run, Will is interested in designing video games that are both educational and interesting to play. He believes that in pursuing his career goals, the skills he gained from his EAS major and Japanese language courses will be marketable and integral to his successes.

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