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Congressman Kind talks TPP to law students

At the invitation of the East Asian Legal Studies Center, Congressman Ron Kind (see photo at right by Mike Hall) of Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District visited the Law School on Tuesday, October 18, to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with students and faculty.

TPP, one of the world's biggest multinational trade deals, was signed by 12 Pacific Rim countries (including the U.S. and Japan, but notably not including China) in February in New Zealand, but is currently awaiting ratification.

Congressman Kind serves on the Trade Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee, giving him an intimate understanding of current congressional discussions over international trade. Congressman Kind noted the rhetorical difficulties at the moment regarding the TPP, but went on to highlight the strengths of the agreement, such as its provisions lowering foreign tariffs, and its incorporation of new international labor, environmental, and human rights standards. He argued that the US should be a leader in these new trade developments and if the TPP were to fail, other countries might step in to develop separate multilateral agreements.

In response to audience questions, Congressman Kind addressed how the TPP improves the WTO, the potential effects of “Brexit” on US trade relations with Britain and with the European Union, and the outlook for US-China relations. While Congressman Kind recognized that there are other important issues to be discussed during the post presidential-election “lame duck” period in Washington, he expressed optimism that there would be room to find positive agreement on the TPP.


CEAS Lecture Photo Album

The Center for East Asian Studies held its 2016 annual symposium on Oct. 7 at the Pyle Center."East Asian Studies afater the Cold War" featured keynote talks by John Treat of Yale University (photo at right) and Tani Barlow of Rice University (photo above), followed by a roundtable discussion on the state of the field of East Asian Studies.

CEAS Faculty Director Steve Ridgely organized the event, which was attended by about 45 and followed by a reception.

Click here to see the webpage for the event.


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