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David Dettmann

Assistant Director, Outreach

Office: 332 Ingraham Hall
David Dettmann
Phone: (608) 265-8039
Fax: (608) 265-2919
Email: dwdettma@wisc.edu

David began his interest in East Asian cultures with study abroad in Guangzhou, China in the 90s. There he studied Mandarin and the 4-stringed Chinese lute (pipa). Later, beginning with annual travels in western China, he became interested in Turkic-speaking groups of Northwest China. He went on to do his MA in Central Asian Studies at UW-Madison with a focus on Uzbek literature--Uzbek being a close relative of Uyghur, a major language in China. David today continues to be fascinated by the languages and cultures of western China's minority regions. His courses include Islam in China, which focuses on the two largest Muslim identities in China, the Uyghur and the Hui, Northwest China, which focuses on the peoples of Xinjiang, Gansu, and Qinghai, and Introduction to East Asian Civilization, the gateway course to the East Asian Studies Major.

Read David's blog post on Inside Islam about a recent trip to Western China



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